Evangelic Sipp » WELCOME TO 4TH GRADE!!


Welcome to 4th grade Math/Science! I am so honored to work at this wonderful school where all children are valued and instilled with a love for learning. 
I look forward to teaching your child that math is fun and is found in every part of our daily lives! It is my belief that Math Mastery is attainable by anyone once all fear is removed and replaced with a passion for math!! You will be surprised by how much your 4th grader will learn in Math this year!
My ultimate goal is for every student, who enters my classroom, to feel they are loved and are capable of anything as long as they are equipped with a HUNGER for learning!
Please feel free to email or contact me during my conference period if you have any questions or needs!!
This is going to be an AMAZING year!
Phone: (936)825- 1120
4th Grade Conference time: 11:00am-11:45am
4th Grade Lunch: 1:20pm-1:50pm
4th Grade Recess: 1:50pm-2:20pm