Math Meets Mystery!

One of the trending activities today is the breakout room. Participants are locked in a room and through a series of clues, unlocking various items, and ton's of collaboration and thinking, these people try to "breakout" of their room. Through BreakoutEDU, these adventures have been transferred to the classroom in a wide variety of curriculum activities. Third graders in Miss Tripp and Mrs. Davis' classes worked through various math problems and clues to break open their breakout box. It taught the students how to work together as a team, how to listen to one another, and especially how to communicate with a group. 
The premise behind BreakoutEDU is that "In learning, the journey is far more important than the destination." Through a mystery scenario, clues, and the challenge of breaking open locks, students develop necessary real world skills of communication and collaboration that they will use for the rest of their lives. 
In the end, whether students were able to breakout or not, invaluable life long lessons are learned and practiced helping these students to grow in amazing ways!