Congratulations to our New Student Council Officers!

We commend all students who were willing to serve on new school student council. Each student spent time creating campaign posters and developing their speeches to present to their peers prior to the elections. The goal of our student council will be to meet and determine various ways to serve the school and community as leaders representatives of John C Webb Elementary. The student council officers will be traveling to Katy, Texas on October 24th to attend a workshop on how to be successful school leaders. A special thank you to Ms. Allison Thomas for spearheading the student council elections and events.
The newly elected officials are as follows:
 President: Lessly A.
Vice President: Charlene F.
Historian: Freya A.
Treasurer: Salvador G.
Secretary: Gisselle D.
Other representatives for the council:
Devan B.
Giovanni P.
Faith C.
Harrison F.
Valeria V.
Zayda S.
Kaden L.
Grace M.
Dayana P.
Tre'via B.
Vivian A.
Fatima M.
Danielle S.
Trevia B.
All Student Council Representatives