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PPCD Paraprofessional

Hi!!  My name is Maura K Pavlock.  I am a wife to Carl, a mother to Zack and Chance and a fur mom to Lucy and Boudreaux.  I am going into my 11th year in PPCD here at Webb and working with my 4th teacher.  To say, "I love what I do" is an understatement!  The rewards in our room are priceless! 
I graduated from Marymount International High School in London, England and moved back to New Orleans, Louisiana to attend Loyola University.  I never obtained my degree.  I gained my Medical certification and worked for Kelsey Seybold in Family practice until I became pregnant with my first son.  I was fortunate to stay home with my children until my youngest was ready for school.
We moved to Navasota on December 23, 2004.  I took a job at Trinity Lutheran in 2005 teaching the 18mo-3yr old.  I loved working with the younger children.  Stayed for 3 years.  I then took a job in PPCD at Webb.  I fell in love with these children!  What a joy to teach them and watch them accomplish so much!  This is a fast action, non stop job!  Our children are our future!
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